Commercial Property For Lease

There comes a time in the life of any Brisbane business when it is necessary to secure a commercial property for lease. Whether you need an office space or a commercial property for storage, warehousing and the running of your company, finding an appropriate space to lease is key. Of course, there are those who never bother with commercial property for lease and choose instead to buy, but for most Brisbane companies it makes more sense to lease commercial property in the beginning. A lease reduces the cost overheads and risk, and allows Brisbane companies to settle in to the responsibility of commercial property first.

Where To Find Commercial Property For Lease

There is little doubt that choosing the right location to hunt for a commercial property for lease is among the most important decisions a Brisbane company will make. There are certain areas where commercial property for lease is more affordable, and other areas where the location is ideal for certain companies or the quality of the commercial property available for lease is better. Often the location you choose to lease your commercial property in depends on where your Brisbane business is based. Here are a few locations to consider, to get you started.

Commercial Property For Lease Northgate

It makes sense to look for the commercial property for lease Northgate companies need locally, thanks to its location just 9km north of the CBD. Paired with the convenience of location is the volume of quality commercial property for lease Northgate businesses will love. It’s highly likely with all that choice there will be one commercial property for lease Northgate companies will be satisfied with.

Commercial Property For Lease Eagle Farm

Located 6km north-east of the CBD, there’s more than meets the eye in the commercial property for lease Eagle Farm companies can be sure. The area is quite industrial, but there’s a wealth of quality commercial property for lease Eagle Farm businesses can call home. Finding the best deal on commercial property for lease Eagle Farm wide is really just a matter of time!

Commercial Property For Lease Geebung

Set on the Caboolture railway line it’s no surprise that the commercial property for lease Geebung companies want is on their doorstep. There’s great choice in the variety of commercial property for lease Geebung businesses will see, so the chance of finding something to suit is good. In terms of securing a good deal on commercial property for lease Geebung companies might need the help of a leasing expert if they are struggling to go it alone.

Commercial Property For Lease Banyo

When it comes to commercial property for lease Banyo companies love the area’s location just 13km from the Brisbane CBD and with easy access to the Gateway Motorway. A mix of residential and industrial properties, the different kinds of commercial property for lease Banyo businesses are looking for is all represented here. With some searching, it’s possible to find the best deal on commercial property for lease Banyo wide as well.

Commercial Property For Lease Murarrie

In the world of commercial property for lease Murarrie businesses relish the convenient location of this suburb just 8km from the CBD over the river. There’s a lot of value in the commercial property for lease Murarrie companies will find, regardless of the specifics of their commercial property search. If they start looking now for commercial property for lease Murarrie businesses may be pleasantly surprised by what they find!
If you’re a Brisbane company wanting to lease commercial property somewhere in this fine city, start your search now!

How to Lease Commercial Property in Brisbane

If you’re in the market for a commercial lease in Brisbane, we’re here to help. Northshore Group has put together this handy guide to help you find the perfect commercial property for your needs.

Many people think it’s as simple as finding a suitable commercial property in their price range, but there’s a lot more to consider. These helpful tips on leasing property will make your search more efficient, and have you in the right property quicker.

Find Commercial Property for Lease that Meets Your Needs

Firstly, let’s take a look at some of the obvious things you’ll want to consider before you even visit a property.

Size: What size do you need right now? Remember that most commercial leases range from 3-5 years, so it’s also important to consider your expected growth in that time. Find the right balance so you’re not paying too much now, but you’ve still got a little room to grow.

Location: They say location is everything, and that’s often true. Only you will know what’s right for your business. Do you need easy access for customers? Is foot traffic important? Make sure the location is perfect for you.

Price: Price is often the most important factor, particularly for smaller businesses just starting out. You’ve done all your business costings, so set a limit and stick to it. If the price is too high, think about whether that particular property or location can generate extra revenue to cover the increase.

Suitability: Probably more important than anything. The property needs to be suited to your type of business. Consider things like amenities, work space vs storage, office space and ease of access. Remember, commercial property needs to work for you.

Other Considerations When Leasing Property

There’s plenty of things besides location and size that you need to think about when finding commercial property for lease. Make sure you’ve ticked all these boxes before signing on the dotted line!

Fit Out Costs: Many commercial properties aren’t already fitted out exactly how you want them. This means making some changes before you move in. Understand the costs before you start, and make sure the landlord is on board.

Base Building Checks: This is essentially an audit on the property, to make sure everything works. It involves checking doors, windows, security systems, amenities, and even the electrical and plumbing. You can even consider a site check measure to make sure the size listed on the floor plan is actually available to you.

Make Good Costs: In simple terms, the make good costs are what it takes to return the property to its previous condition before you leased it. Most commercial property leases have a clause about this, so make sure you understand what you’ll be up for when your lease ends.

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